Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lordstar's Diary

Today was the day! From the minute I woke up I was very excited, but nervous. The performance I was going to do today have about 1999 people, and it was to be viewed all over the world! I was so nervous; it felt like I was about to explode! Just after I ate breakfast my agent told me I had to go to the stage to practice.

As soon as I got to the stage, there was a high intense argument about something silly about the lights and a delivery; someone ordered for 50 lights and got 50 kites! Anyway, we practiced and so far so good, no mistakes. Later, we got the lights and the crew changed the old light with them, then all was ready.

At night, I went into the helicopter with my band to make the big entrance; we were to fly in the helicopter and land on the stage. I was so excited I was bouncing, but I was also nervous as well. We slowly landed, and we got off to see and hear our fans. This was it.

After Harristar talk to the crowd, we begin to play. We gave it all we got for the whole performance. It sounded great! Later on we had a party to celebrate the concert. We made millions!

Well it time to go to bed, I am tired. Goodnight to you fans everywhere and goodnight to you band members. And goodnight, diary.

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