Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lordstar's Diary

Today was the day! From the minute I woke up I was very excited, but nervous. The performance I was going to do today have about 1999 people, and it was to be viewed all over the world! I was so nervous; it felt like I was about to explode! Just after I ate breakfast my agent told me I had to go to the stage to practice.

As soon as I got to the stage, there was a high intense argument about something silly about the lights and a delivery; someone ordered for 50 lights and got 50 kites! Anyway, we practiced and so far so good, no mistakes. Later, we got the lights and the crew changed the old light with them, then all was ready.

At night, I went into the helicopter with my band to make the big entrance; we were to fly in the helicopter and land on the stage. I was so excited I was bouncing, but I was also nervous as well. We slowly landed, and we got off to see and hear our fans. This was it.

After Harristar talk to the crowd, we begin to play. We gave it all we got for the whole performance. It sounded great! Later on we had a party to celebrate the concert. We made millions!

Well it time to go to bed, I am tired. Goodnight to you fans everywhere and goodnight to you band members. And goodnight, diary.

Vinstar's Diary

Today was the day!! From the moment I woke up I was walking on air! Nervous but excited I was ready to blow the roof of the place.

By 11:00 I set off to the studio to have a quick run though before I could prove to my fans what real rock is. We ran through about twenty times so we could get everything spick and span. This took us until 5:00 and we knew we had to be live and performing at 6:00. So we grabbed a limo and calmly drove on to the stage in London.

Appearing with the crowd shouting my name again and again, I made my way back stage to get myself in my costume. I and fellow band mates started down the narrow hallway… My heart was pounding…I could hear the crowd roaring and saw people beyond people shouting and screaming. I felt the smoke rise and felt the real feeling rock and roll. I sang all through the night until I stepped off stage.

I felt I had really rocked them dead and I was completely shattered after the performance. I had no energy left in me what so ever. It was 11:00 at night and I was very drowsy. Wearily I walked into the limo and made my way back home (the hotel). I dived onto my bed and fell asleep.

Harristar's Diary

Today was the day, I was going to perform in front of 100,000 people. Nervously I walked down the stairs guitar in my hand.Outside the door, walking down the street. I saw tons of people outside on the street with flags and sighns. Walking briskly into a building,witch the concert manager had provided. Getting the lift to the 7th floor. Walking out I saw a number of band members heading to room 4. When I got to room 4 I entered and chatted to the other band members.

Practice was difficult because my mind kept flicking over to the concert.I tried to keep my mind on practicing for the concert, but I couldn’t accidents were all over the place. The other guitarist snapped three strings, the drummer punctured a drum. Hopefully the concert will be better.

Sitting in the back of the limousine, I poured myself a glass of water. We rounded a bend and stopped in front of the heli pad were I was meeting the other band members. Stepping out I was greeted by a porter who rushed up to me and offered to take my guitar to the helicopter. Climbing into the helicopter I sat down. I was served with some drinks even though the ride was only fifteen minutes long.

We arrived through the roof of the stage and started paying as soon as we touched the ground. I was deafened by the sound of the crowd. It was amazing the band played brilliantly. Lights were shining in our faces, it was great.

Lordstar's Biography

Lordstar (Bill Night) was born to the world in 1995, January 1st in L.A., U.S.A. Immediately, his parents, Matt and Lee, realized that he was born a guitarist, by the way he was moving his arms and hands around. But they didn’t know that he would become a world famous guitarist in a band!

At the age of three, he began nursery. He went to L.A. Neptune’s nursery. There, he stayed, until he was nine years old. But before we move on, let’s stay in nursery for a bit.

At the age of three, Bill began to play a toy guitar (that his father gave) and began to take that guitar everywhere. We interviewed Lordstar’s dad that gave us a story about him…

At the age of four, Lordstar always come home forgetting something, but Lordstar said that he always pack everything. So, his mum tailed him for one day. Everything went fine until packing up time. Bill, it seemed, have a hole in his bag that drops at least one item. So when he picked up his bag for home-time something falls out. Mystery solved!

As soon as possible, Bill got a new bag. And now, since we’re done with that, let’s continue to when he was in primary school…

At the age of five, Bill went to Athena primary school. Then, he continued to rise up through the grades. He was good at some lessons, but what he really aced for was music.

At the age of 12, he went to Zeus secondary school. We manage to interview his music teacher, who said “Bill is a master at music. When I give him a piece to play and he plays it with hardly any mistakes, it like being in a concert!”

At high school, Bill began to draw guitars and rock stars on walls. He continued to get superb grades. At London collage of Music, he met Vinstar, and Ethstar and decided to have a band by the name of The Bro’s Stars in 2014.

Seven years later The Bro’s Stars were a knock-out! They won 5 gold disks and 10 awards, and did about 10 albums. Unfortunately Vinstar left and became a Rap-artist and the rest of the band split.

Harristar's Biography

Harristar (Harry Cook) was born on the 3rd of April 1995 in Riverside Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His mother Fiona was an advertising agent and his father Stuart was an investment banker with JP Morgan. His parents’ Fiona and Stuart knew that their little boy was a mischievous thing so they enrolled their son into a mini music class at the age of four to keep him occupied.

Harry attended St Mark’s Primary School where he enjoyed music, maths and science. His music teacher, Mr Thomas, later recalled that he had never had such a talented pupil and what a joy it was to teach Harry. When Harry was 12 he moved to Kellett Secondary School which had over 750 pupils.

When Harry was 14 he got his first job at his local Jet Records music store. One year later he had saved enough money to buy an electric guitar, from the moment he brought it home the house was full of lively music as he began to excel at it. Harry’s other jobs included a waiter in a café. But he was fired when the manager found him listening to his ipod(Harry was happy because he didn’t like that job anyway).

One of Harrys favourite stories happened when he was fifteen even harry thought this story was strange. Harry was walking down to the local prank shop to buy some smell sauce. Going to the megashop car park and holding his smell sauce in his hand he walked to the entrance of the car park and carefully squirted some on each car. That was when the dog charged harry ran as fast as he could he threw the bottle behind him the dog eagerly caught it then started tearing after harry again without thinking harry jumped over a hedge straight into a toddlers paddling pool. The toddlers thought it was very funny as a stranger fell from the sky and landed in the middle of their friends party. The parents did not find it so funny they told harry to clear out and not come back. Harry’s parents thought it was funny and they laughed.

Harristar met the band in 2014 in the London college of music cafeteria. Ethstar, Vinstar and Lordstar and really wanted to started a band and said it was their childhood dream. They were awarded with 5 gold discs. They attended many world tours and are one of the most well known bands today.

Ethstar's Biography

Ethstar (Charles VinsQuinlin) entered the world on the 21st April, 1995 in Vienna. From the moment he was born, his loving parents (Emma and Dominic) could tell he had a real passion for music. But little did they know that by the age of 28, he would be a world-wide popular musician, playing both the violin and piano.

Ethstar was brought up in Hong Kong until the age of 5, and attended Woodlands Montessori Preschool. He was always using toys for musical instruments, and his teachers even became concerned of this unusual talent. His parents even noticed he always came out of preschool humming a new tune every day.

The family decided to move to London, England when he was only 5; there he attended Kingston British International School where a number of incidents took place…

His parents never knew he could be such a devious kid - for example, when he was only 4 he got into a bit of trouble, wandering into places he should never find himself in.

Ethstar’s family decided to move to Surrey and bought a low rent cottage to stay in for the first week, while his father tried to find a suitable home for their furniture. They sent their child to the Royal College of Music to pursue his passion for music. He had an amazing 2 years of classical music training and excelled in class. He was running short on money and became a piano tutor in 2009.

Charles met the Bro’stars (which included Harristar, Lordstar and Vinstar) and formed the band at the college café in 2014. He decided he would play the keyboard.

They had a very slow start as they spent one whole year planning and making their first album with their hit song Boom Boom POW in 2015. They spent the next 9 years together performing concerts, making albums, and also earned 10 awards and 5 gold discs. Unfortunately for the band, Vinstar decided to separate from the band and become a rap artist.

Ethstar wisely decided to go solo and continue his classical music dream. On the 24th November Charles opened up a new talent company for young musicians. However, this became too successful for a small apartment and opened up a building just for this company; he still couldn’t find true happiness. He handed over his business to his wife … Jocelyn.

Charles met Jocelyn on tour in Rome. While sightseeing, he was crowded with fans and he met her feeding the birds. He offered her a house back in London and after a while she accepted his offer and came back with him. However, he didn’t find out she knew about music until he came home one night to find her playing the violin with amazing skill.

They got married on the 23rd of December, 2026 in Vienna, and shortly after started the talent company. He was offered a job in the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) but only lasted 5 months as he wanted to play solo after playing with bands and orchestras. He then entered many open competitions, and won the best piano player of the year in 2028. He currently lives with Jocelyn in London and works as a live musician touring around the world.

Kicking and screaming (like most babies do) Vinstar (A.K.A Vin) was welcomed into the world on the 25th of October 1995 in Barnet General Hospital in Stanmore (west central London). His affectionate father and mother (John and Rebecca) where both well known drummers around the globe. His mum however, broke up with her band and joined another band called The Black Sea Rhinos. He had a real gift for music. John and Rebecca both encouraged Vin to be a drummer, but this dream failed. His career really started when he was only 20, when he met a couple of inspirational people.

Vinstar’s first schooling took place in Pappylon Nursery in Edgware. Everyday when Vin came back from school, he seemed to have lost something. When he took things from home to school to show everyone, he never brought it back! This was getting very fishy and John wanted to know what was going on because it felt to him he was spending his money on nothing. So for one day John shadowed little Vin in Nursery.

John knew that Vin was a very forgetful person and he thought that he might of left things lying around the classroom and forgot to take back when needed it. Pursuing him (even into the toilet) it all started at home time. John watched intently every step of the miniature toddler. As he (Vin) strolled to his cubby he saw he had lots of things inside there. John still watched intrigued. To his astonishment Vin had left all his things inside his cubby!!! No wonder he wasn’t bringing anything back!! Case closed!

Accepted to Kellett School, the British international school in Hong Kong, Vin loved music, and was inspired by his music teacher Mr. Notewright. He had drum lessons with him and Mr.Notewright encouraged him to carry on and never give up. When he turned 12 he was in his school band and performed at many concerts. He went to a summer camp called The Drummers Summer Camp where he played on a proper drum kit for the first time. This was a great time and he really caught the drumming bug!

Kinston secondary school was next for Vin. Here, his dreams came true! He was invited to play on the drums at his school concert. At this moment his heart rose. He was very proud of himself and after the concert he was congratulated by his mum and dad and many other people who knew about the big event. Not a lot happened at secondary accept for the concerts that he went to.

At university he met his band mates: Harristar, Lordstar and Ethstar in the school café. After a few weeks they realized they had the ability to form a band. So that’s what they did. They had a very slow start as they spent one year making their first album with their hit song boom boom pow in 2015,.They spent the next nine years together performing concerts, making albums and winning many awards such as: five gold discs, ten albums and awards. Unfortunately, Vinstar broke up with the band and became a rap artist.

Later he became a worldwide rap artist and was known all around the world.

He died on 20th of January 2085.