Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lordstar's Biography

Lordstar (Bill Night) was born to the world in 1995, January 1st in L.A., U.S.A. Immediately, his parents, Matt and Lee, realized that he was born a guitarist, by the way he was moving his arms and hands around. But they didn’t know that he would become a world famous guitarist in a band!

At the age of three, he began nursery. He went to L.A. Neptune’s nursery. There, he stayed, until he was nine years old. But before we move on, let’s stay in nursery for a bit.

At the age of three, Bill began to play a toy guitar (that his father gave) and began to take that guitar everywhere. We interviewed Lordstar’s dad that gave us a story about him…

At the age of four, Lordstar always come home forgetting something, but Lordstar said that he always pack everything. So, his mum tailed him for one day. Everything went fine until packing up time. Bill, it seemed, have a hole in his bag that drops at least one item. So when he picked up his bag for home-time something falls out. Mystery solved!

As soon as possible, Bill got a new bag. And now, since we’re done with that, let’s continue to when he was in primary school…

At the age of five, Bill went to Athena primary school. Then, he continued to rise up through the grades. He was good at some lessons, but what he really aced for was music.

At the age of 12, he went to Zeus secondary school. We manage to interview his music teacher, who said “Bill is a master at music. When I give him a piece to play and he plays it with hardly any mistakes, it like being in a concert!”

At high school, Bill began to draw guitars and rock stars on walls. He continued to get superb grades. At London collage of Music, he met Vinstar, and Ethstar and decided to have a band by the name of The Bro’s Stars in 2014.

Seven years later The Bro’s Stars were a knock-out! They won 5 gold disks and 10 awards, and did about 10 albums. Unfortunately Vinstar left and became a Rap-artist and the rest of the band split.

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