Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kicking and screaming (like most babies do) Vinstar (A.K.A Vin) was welcomed into the world on the 25th of October 1995 in Barnet General Hospital in Stanmore (west central London). His affectionate father and mother (John and Rebecca) where both well known drummers around the globe. His mum however, broke up with her band and joined another band called The Black Sea Rhinos. He had a real gift for music. John and Rebecca both encouraged Vin to be a drummer, but this dream failed. His career really started when he was only 20, when he met a couple of inspirational people.

Vinstar’s first schooling took place in Pappylon Nursery in Edgware. Everyday when Vin came back from school, he seemed to have lost something. When he took things from home to school to show everyone, he never brought it back! This was getting very fishy and John wanted to know what was going on because it felt to him he was spending his money on nothing. So for one day John shadowed little Vin in Nursery.

John knew that Vin was a very forgetful person and he thought that he might of left things lying around the classroom and forgot to take back when needed it. Pursuing him (even into the toilet) it all started at home time. John watched intently every step of the miniature toddler. As he (Vin) strolled to his cubby he saw he had lots of things inside there. John still watched intrigued. To his astonishment Vin had left all his things inside his cubby!!! No wonder he wasn’t bringing anything back!! Case closed!

Accepted to Kellett School, the British international school in Hong Kong, Vin loved music, and was inspired by his music teacher Mr. Notewright. He had drum lessons with him and Mr.Notewright encouraged him to carry on and never give up. When he turned 12 he was in his school band and performed at many concerts. He went to a summer camp called The Drummers Summer Camp where he played on a proper drum kit for the first time. This was a great time and he really caught the drumming bug!

Kinston secondary school was next for Vin. Here, his dreams came true! He was invited to play on the drums at his school concert. At this moment his heart rose. He was very proud of himself and after the concert he was congratulated by his mum and dad and many other people who knew about the big event. Not a lot happened at secondary accept for the concerts that he went to.

At university he met his band mates: Harristar, Lordstar and Ethstar in the school cafĂ©. After a few weeks they realized they had the ability to form a band. So that’s what they did. They had a very slow start as they spent one year making their first album with their hit song boom boom pow in 2015,.They spent the next nine years together performing concerts, making albums and winning many awards such as: five gold discs, ten albums and awards. Unfortunately, Vinstar broke up with the band and became a rap artist.

Later he became a worldwide rap artist and was known all around the world.

He died on 20th of January 2085.

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