Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ethstar's Biography

Ethstar (Charles VinsQuinlin) entered the world on the 21st April, 1995 in Vienna. From the moment he was born, his loving parents (Emma and Dominic) could tell he had a real passion for music. But little did they know that by the age of 28, he would be a world-wide popular musician, playing both the violin and piano.

Ethstar was brought up in Hong Kong until the age of 5, and attended Woodlands Montessori Preschool. He was always using toys for musical instruments, and his teachers even became concerned of this unusual talent. His parents even noticed he always came out of preschool humming a new tune every day.

The family decided to move to London, England when he was only 5; there he attended Kingston British International School where a number of incidents took place…

His parents never knew he could be such a devious kid - for example, when he was only 4 he got into a bit of trouble, wandering into places he should never find himself in.

Ethstar’s family decided to move to Surrey and bought a low rent cottage to stay in for the first week, while his father tried to find a suitable home for their furniture. They sent their child to the Royal College of Music to pursue his passion for music. He had an amazing 2 years of classical music training and excelled in class. He was running short on money and became a piano tutor in 2009.

Charles met the Bro’stars (which included Harristar, Lordstar and Vinstar) and formed the band at the college cafĂ© in 2014. He decided he would play the keyboard.

They had a very slow start as they spent one whole year planning and making their first album with their hit song Boom Boom POW in 2015. They spent the next 9 years together performing concerts, making albums, and also earned 10 awards and 5 gold discs. Unfortunately for the band, Vinstar decided to separate from the band and become a rap artist.

Ethstar wisely decided to go solo and continue his classical music dream. On the 24th November Charles opened up a new talent company for young musicians. However, this became too successful for a small apartment and opened up a building just for this company; he still couldn’t find true happiness. He handed over his business to his wife … Jocelyn.

Charles met Jocelyn on tour in Rome. While sightseeing, he was crowded with fans and he met her feeding the birds. He offered her a house back in London and after a while she accepted his offer and came back with him. However, he didn’t find out she knew about music until he came home one night to find her playing the violin with amazing skill.

They got married on the 23rd of December, 2026 in Vienna, and shortly after started the talent company. He was offered a job in the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) but only lasted 5 months as he wanted to play solo after playing with bands and orchestras. He then entered many open competitions, and won the best piano player of the year in 2028. He currently lives with Jocelyn in London and works as a live musician touring around the world.

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