Thursday, November 25, 2010

Harristar's Biography

Harristar (Harry Cook) was born on the 3rd of April 1995 in Riverside Hospital, Sydney, Australia. His mother Fiona was an advertising agent and his father Stuart was an investment banker with JP Morgan. His parents’ Fiona and Stuart knew that their little boy was a mischievous thing so they enrolled their son into a mini music class at the age of four to keep him occupied.

Harry attended St Mark’s Primary School where he enjoyed music, maths and science. His music teacher, Mr Thomas, later recalled that he had never had such a talented pupil and what a joy it was to teach Harry. When Harry was 12 he moved to Kellett Secondary School which had over 750 pupils.

When Harry was 14 he got his first job at his local Jet Records music store. One year later he had saved enough money to buy an electric guitar, from the moment he brought it home the house was full of lively music as he began to excel at it. Harry’s other jobs included a waiter in a cafĂ©. But he was fired when the manager found him listening to his ipod(Harry was happy because he didn’t like that job anyway).

One of Harrys favourite stories happened when he was fifteen even harry thought this story was strange. Harry was walking down to the local prank shop to buy some smell sauce. Going to the megashop car park and holding his smell sauce in his hand he walked to the entrance of the car park and carefully squirted some on each car. That was when the dog charged harry ran as fast as he could he threw the bottle behind him the dog eagerly caught it then started tearing after harry again without thinking harry jumped over a hedge straight into a toddlers paddling pool. The toddlers thought it was very funny as a stranger fell from the sky and landed in the middle of their friends party. The parents did not find it so funny they told harry to clear out and not come back. Harry’s parents thought it was funny and they laughed.

Harristar met the band in 2014 in the London college of music cafeteria. Ethstar, Vinstar and Lordstar and really wanted to started a band and said it was their childhood dream. They were awarded with 5 gold discs. They attended many world tours and are one of the most well known bands today.

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